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Kristian Sundin

"Kristian did an amazing job at Zoink. He is a great artist who is very talented with both concept art and texturing.

He is very determined with his work and takes it very seriously."


(Klaus Lyngeled, Owner Zoink AB)

"Kristian has with great accuracy and motivation accomplished his tasks to our complete satisfaction. He is a versatile artist with great knowledge of many different techniques, and has contributed to the development and design of Dream Legends in a very positive way."

(Maxim Frisk, Co-Founder & CPO Mutate AB)



I have been passionate about drawing for as long as I can remember and really enjoy telling visual stories and creating worlds. My main focus is concept art and I also have solid experience in 3D modeling and texturing for games.

I have worked in the games industry for about six years and contributed to a number of projects including Zombie Vikings and Cookie Jam.

In my free time I enjoy walks in nature, good food, martial arts and drawing cartoons.

You can reach me at

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